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Lymphira is a non profit organization committed to reduce debility from Lymphedema by providing early detection,education and compression solutions to medically underserved population in Indiana.

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  The story of Lymphira originates with our founder,
Dr. Amira Mohammed, a Physical Therapist, a  Lymphedema practitioner, and well known Lymphedema advocate and her dream to bridge the vast gap in care of the Lymphedema patients in Northwest Indiana.
During her clinical practice of over 20 years of treating patients with Lymphedema, Lipedema and other related Lymphatic disorders, she was appalled to see that her patients often took a rocky path to find someone like her that knows of the condition they are suffering from. By the time they were diagnosed, their condition had become chronic and their quality of life was in shambles with related medical comorbidities, mobility problems, occupational disruptions, and almost no wardrobe choices- especially shoes!
This progressive condition is underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed even by experienced medical professionals. A typical patient has seen multiple health professionals, did endless diagnostic and other non evidence based procedures, was put on high dose of diuretics and has worn ill fitting compression garments, and has had multiple hospital admissions.

The only solution to this problem is raising awareness in our community for patients to seek help early, educating all health care professionals to identify the condition before it becomes chronic, and provide the necessary resources for early diagnosis and appropriate intervention.

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Our vision is to provide resources to anyone affected by Lymphedema  to reduce debility by providing  access to early detection, education and compression solutions.


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Introduction to an Accessible Lymphedema Prevention Program-Bioimpedance Spectroscopy by Impedimed funded by Legacy foundation

Lymphira extends their heartfelt gratitude to the legacy foundation for their generous funding which has made it possible to establish and sustain our Bioimpedance Spectroscopy testing program. This support has enabled us to provide early detection and comprehensive care to individuals affected by lymphedema, positively impacting their lives and fostering better health outcomes. 
Contact our partner clinic @www.excelphysicaltherapypc.com or call 219-397-7771 to schedule your test


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Pictures from our MarchoutLymphedema.com event March 6th 2023